IPhone Gets Slide Out QWERTY Keyboard

iPhone 4 QWERTY Keyboard Case

One feature that many would like to see added to the Apple iPhone is the inclusion of a proper slide out QWERTY keyboard. However, to date there is no sign that such an option will ever be added. But all is not lost, as there is now a case available for the iPhone that includes a full, slide out QWERTY keyboard, the Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4 Case.

Apple iPhone QWERTY Keyboard Case

The case is made by a company called Boxwave, and the slide out QWERTY keypad links to the iPhone via Bluetooth. The power source of the case is independent to the phone, so will need to be charged up separately, but Boxwave claim that the device should last around 45 days or so between charges.

It's an ingenious idea, and should be very useful to the many iPhone users who bemoan the lack of a full hardware keyboard. The case is expected to launch in mid December, and should retail for around £50