Mercedes Benz to introduce wireless charging for smartphones from 2014

Mercedes Benz to introduce wireless charging

From next year, Mercedes Benz is to introduce Qi wireless charging into its range of vehicles, allowing customers with a compatible mobile device to charge their phones and Tablets without wires.

Qi stands for the worldwide standard defined by the Wireless Power Consortium for wireless charging of smartphones and tablets, which is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

For wireless charging to work, the compatible device just needs to be placed in the vicinity of the Qi charging pad, which can be placed in the centre console, or the glove compartment, for example. Once connected, charging begins automatically. When the battery is full or the device is removed, the charging process stops straight away.

The decision to implement Qi wireless charging follows the decision by the Consumer Electronics for Automotive to endorse Qi as the worldwide standard for wireless charging in passenger vehicles.

Mercedes already offer strong wireless connection in their vehicles, with Bluetooth connectivity allowing users to connect their phones to in car stereos and hands free units. Now they will be able to do this and keep their phones charged at the same time, without needing to plug their handsets in to an in-car charger.