Android Jelly Bean now on 45 percent of all devices

Android Jelly Bean passes 50 percent distribution level

Google has updated the figures on how the split of the different versions of the Android operating system are broken down, and the news is that Android Jelly Bean is on almost one in two devices.

The OS has increased 5 percent on the figures for last month, and includes all devices running Android 4.1 and Android 4.2, but for some reason Google have not included Android 4.3 in the total.

Gingerbread remains the number two version of Android in use, accounting for 30.7 percent of handsets, whilst Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich takes up 21.7 percent.

So clearly fragmentation is still an issue for Android, although the fast rollout of Android Jelly Bean on to a number of handsets has helped. Problems still exist for developers though, and it is sad to see that a number of supposedly top of the range handsets can wait months before being updated. This remains one of the biggest frustrations for Android users, and something Apple are keen to point out when talking about the take-up of new versions of it's iOS.

Google announced the other day that the next version of the Android OS to be released will be Android 4.4, which will be known as KitKat. There is no release date yet for KitKat, but by the time it hits the market, Jelly Bean should have passed the 50% mark.