Apple set to announce next iPhone on 10th September?

Apple rumoured to launch new iPhone september 10th

Apple are rumoured to be preparing the announcement of the next iPhone, with 10th September seeming to be the preferred date.

The media event will showcase the next generation of the device that started the smartphone revolution, and once again the anticipation of a new iPhone has generated a huge amount of rumours and speculation.

Traditionally Apple release one device at a time, and following the usual cycle we are due an incremental upgrade to the iPhone 5. However, with Android further strengthening their grip on the smartphone market, Apple could well release a budget device which may be the iPhone 5C, as well as releasing a newer device, the iPhone 6, as the next generation flagship iPhone.

Alternatively, Apple may only release a budget iPhone, constructed from plastic rather than the premium materials Apple usually use for the iPhone, leaving the iPhone 5 as the flagship device for a little while longer yet.

Apple have been performing very well in the low cost contract market on the back of strong iPhone 4 sales, however a budget device that offers some additional features to the two year old handset will be a welcome boost to sales.

Any new device or devices that are announced will probably ship with Apple's new OS, iOS 7 pre-installed. iOS 7 was announced back in June at the Apple WWDC, and is expected to be made available to current iPhone owners in the coming weeks. The confirmed release date for iOS 7 could well come at the 10th September media event.

In typical fashion, Apple are keeping very quiet about future plans, however if they do confirm the September date then expect the speculation to raise a couple of levels between now and then.

Source: AllThingsD
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