Three refreshes their PAYG pricing announces new payg tariffs

Three have refreshed their PAYG pricing structure, making it simple and easy for customers to know how much they will pay for using their prepay phone.

The simplified prices use a 3-2-1 sliding scale – Calls cost 3p per minute, texts will cost 2p each, and data will cost 1p per MB.

The new prices come in to force from the 1st July, and is applicable to new and existing customers. The idea, according to Three, is to strip away all the confusion offered by rival networks, with different tariff packages and bundles and bolt ons creating a level of customer confusion.

The new prices offer significant savings compared to the old pricing option, where calls used to cost 26p per minute, texts were 11p each and data cost 11p per MB.

The new prices also also stack up well when compared to rival networks. According to Three, Talk Mobile have the cheapest call rates at 8p per minute, and they also offer 4p per text, both comfortably beaten by Three's new rates. Giff Gaff do offer a deal where data is charged at 1p per MB, but this only applies to the first 20MB of user per day, after which the price rises to 20p per MB.

“The number of complex Pay As You Go tariffs, add-ons and options available is mindboggling,” said Three Marketing Director, Tom Malleschitz. “Consumers are forced into choosing where they want best value – whether that is calls, texts or internet. Our new rates strip things right back to basics with a simple, clear and transparent rate for calls, texts and internet use that offers clear value across the board. It is important to us that our Pay As You Go customers can use our Ultrafast network to chat, text and enjoy the internet without making a trade-off on value. This is Pay As You Go in its purest form.”

Three has around 9 million users in the UK, although only a small percentage on Prepay. The hope will be they can expand their userbase on the back of these new prices.

Source: Three Blog