Telefonica signs Windows Phone 8 marketing deal with Microsoft

O2 sign deal for Windows devices

Telefonica, the Spanish network that is the parent company of O2 in the UK, has signed a marketing deal with Microsoft that will see Windows phone 8 devices get a major marketing push in the territories where Telefonica operate.

The deal will see greater exposure of Windows Phone 8 devices in the UK, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and Chile, with both parties working to ensure that the availability of high end devices across all manufacturers are available to consumers.

Telefonica will work closely with the likes of HTC, Samsung, and Nokia, to bring a wider diversity of handset choices to customers, with an aim of creating less of a duopoly in the smartphone market.

Windows Phone 8 devices are a long way from challenging the likes of Android and iOS for market share at the moment, but there is a chance that consumers who have moved from one of these platforms to the other in recent times may be on the lookout for something new and fresh once their upgrade becomes available. And if Telefonica are to have anything to do with it, that third option will be Windows Phone.

“An associate partner such as Microsoft is chosen as a result of its operator-focused business approach,” said José María Álvarez Pallete, COO of Telefonica. “The Microsoft business culture is based on a model of value creation through its partner associates, which fits in perfectly with our culture and also with our way of doing business.”