Apple iPhone loses market share in Europe

iPhone loses market share in Europe

Android's share of the European smartphone market is continuing to rise, whilst Apple are losing ground, according to latest figures from market analyst IDC.

In Q1, the overall market share of Android rose from 55% on the same period last year to 69%, whilst the same time period saw Apple's iOS decrease from 25% to 20%.

IDC also saw that, despite smartphone shipments in Europe rising by 12% year on year, to 31.6 million units, overall market growth rate is the slowest on record since IDC started tracking the industry in 2004.

IDC attribute the slow growth the the uncertain economic situation in the major European countries, although there is a suggestion that, at least in Northern Europe, smartphone penetration is starting to reach a point where many users are not going to be looking to change their handsets in the immediate future, due to being tied in to long term contracts.

With many users having less disposable income available, a large percentage of new smartphone purchases are at the low end of the market, which is good news for Android, but not for Apple with the premium price charged for the iPhone.

The news is sure to further increase pressure on Apple to bring to market a low priced iPhone, making their device more accessible to those on a limited budget. Rumours that such a device is in the pipeline have been circulating for many months, which could be come in a plastic casing with a variety of colour options, similar to the iPod.

Source: IDC Press Release