Digital distraction causes commuters to miss stops

Distracted Commuters

An estimated 20 million passengers are missing their bus or train stops every year, due to digital distraction from smartphones, Tablets and other digital devices.

The problem has affected more than 50% of commuters, and has led to some 15% of those surveyed to run late for business meetings.

Travellers in London were found to be among the more preoccupied by their portable devices, with three in five travellers across the London Transport network admitting to missing their stop for this reason.

Commuters admitted to missing on average two stops per year, but a small number of those surveyed admitted to missing their intended destination more than 20 times in 12 months.

One in seven had missed a bus due to being too engrossed in their devices, whilst one in ten had missed a train, and one in twenty had missed a flight.

General Manager for Devices at O2, David Johnson, warned mobile users that whilst smartphones could help improve the commuting experience, they needed to be more aware of digital distraction: “The increasing depth and sophistication of the entertainment we can get on them means consumers may need a little extra push to help their day run smoothly.”

Overall the poll found the top distractions were: using social media – 35%; emails – 28%, gaming – 27%; making calls – 15%; watching video/tv – 7%.

The poll was commissioned by O2 and Samsung.