T-Mobile taken to task over Full Monty tariff

Mobile operator falls foul of the ASA

T-Mobile - ASA question Full Monty Tariff

T-Mobile, part of EE, has been criticised by the Advertising Standards Authority for not providing full unlimited data on its Full Monty tariff, because it restricts data usage during day time hours on its network.

The problem for the ASA is that whilst T-Mobile describe the Full Monty deal as having unlimited data, the fact that day time web browsing speeds for peer-to-peer traffic are throttled is actually limiting, and therefore contravenes T-Mobile's Full Monty terms and conditions.

The ASA said: “We noted that the Full Monty plan was described as having 'unlimited' UK internet and that this was in the context of a mobile data service on a handset. We considered that 'unlimited' was a general claim about the whole service, rather than about a specific aspect of the service. We considered that consumers were likely to expect that services, or features of services, described as 'unlimited' were not unduly limited and that where policies existed, which limited speed of access, that the restrictions could reasonably be considered to be moderate only.”

However, although the ASA have spoken out against the restriction of data on peer-to-peer services, it then when on to say that the speed caps T-Mobile implements on its Full Monty service was not an issue. Full Monty customers are restricted to just 4Mbps on downloads across 3G, and only 1Mbps for uploads. T-Mobile claim that the average 3G download speed is only 3Mbps so customers are being given a sufficient browsing experience, but it is this speed restriction that annoys T-Mobile data users the most.

A spokesperson for T-Mobile said: “WE are pleased that the ASA has ruled that the majority of our traffic management policies are compliant with the CAP codes. However, we will take on board the ASA's findings on peer-to-peer file sharing and make the necessary changes to our network traffic management. Our customers should rest assured that the speeds available to them on our Full Monty plans are sufficient for all devices and users – including data downloaders with the latest smartphones, and data services such as video streaming, social networking, browsing, emailing, and music downloading.”