ORIGOSafe phone dock could prevent texting whilst driving


A U.S. Company has come up with a device that should put a stop to people indulging in the extremely dangerous practice of texting whilst driving.

The phone dock from ORIGOSafe is installed into the vehicle console. When in the car, the driver must put their smartphone in the dock otherwise they will not be able to start the engine.

Whilst the smartphone is in the dock, it is being charged, and will connect via Bluetooth, allowing calls to be made and received via Bluetooth only.

If the mobile phone is removed from the dock whilst the engine is running, an alert is automatically sent to the system administrator, such as a parent, or a works manager. This will prevent that user from being able to restart the car on their next journey, until authorised to do so.

The alert won't be sent if the engine is running, if the handbrake is also applied. So users could remove their handset whilst the car is parked up without problem.

YouTube Preview Image

Initially the ORIGOSafe phone dock is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3, but the company are working on a version for the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. The dock costs $279US, plus installation.

For more details, see the ORIGOSafe website.