Budget iPhone 5 to Launch Soon

Apple iPhone 5

Rumours are continuing to circulate that Apple are planning to release a budget version of the iPhone, which will be made with a plastic body to keep the production costs down, allowing it to retail at a SIM free price of around £220.

Apple iPhone 5According to the latest reports, Apple will use a glossy polycarbonate plastic case for the budget device, and may offer alternative colour options to the usual Black and White.

The rumours of a budget iPhone have been around for some time, but recently they have gained momentum, as Google's Android platform has gained a significant hold on the smartphone market, on the back of a large number of budget devices running Android.

The suggested price range of around £220 is in line with the more aggressive price stance used with the iPad Mini, and brings the iPhone into the price range of younger users, students, and the booming markets in China and India.

Design wise, it is suggested the budget iPhone will be very much like other iPhone devices before it, with a single home button placed under a smaller display.

The rumours of an impending budget iPhone were given more credibility when Apple CEO, Tim Cook, confirmed in an interview at the Goldman Sachs technology and internet conference in San Francisco, that the technology giant were making moves to make things more affordable.

The logic of a lower priced iPhone is also supported with recent sales figures that showed, whilst the iPhone 5 has sold well in its first full quarter, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S remained popular with users, on the back of reduced price offers.

Let us know what you think of a potential budget iPhone device. How much does price play as a deciding factor when choosing a new phone? Will a budget iPhone devalue the iPhone brand? Leave a comment in the boxes below, or get in touch on Google+, Facebook or via Twitter.