Samsung Remains Top of the Pile in the U.K.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Whilst Apple may have made grounds against Samsung in the U.S., here in the U.K. the South Korean manufacturer remains firmly on top, holding the top three places of the leading ten selling smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy SIIINot surprisingly the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still number one, a position it has held for many months. In second place comes the Samsung Galaxy Ace, with the Galaxy S2 taking third, on the back of some very strong offers.

The news is not so good for Apple, with their iPhone 5 only coming in seventh place, behind the Nokia 100, Nokia C2-01 and LG Nexus 4 in fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively.

Nokia have two more handsets in the January top ten, in eighth place comes the Nokia Lumia 800, with the Nokia Lumia 610 in ninth. Completing the Top Ten list is the Apple iPhone 4S.

So Samsung go from strength to strength, but the appeal of the iPhone appears to be on the wane, with the iPhone 5 failing to even make the top five. It was just a few months ago that the iPhone 5 was third in the list, so the drop has been significant.

The other falling iOS star is the iPhone 4S, which in October was the second best selling device in the U.K. And even in December it still managed to make the top five.

Meanwhile, looking forward, next months figures will include the recently announced BlackBerry Z10, whilst Sony will be hoping to make an impact with their highly anticipated Xperia Z.