EE Bring Visual Voicemail to iPhone 5 4G Customers

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EE has announced that iPhone 5 customers using their 4G network are to get the Visual Voicemail service, a feature for iPhone that until now has only been enabled by O2.

EE LogoWith Visual Voicemail, users of the iPhone can check and manage voicemail messages straight from the screen of their phone. This means it is no longer necessary to call through to the voicemail service to manage the messages, and also allows users to listen to the messages in the order they choose.

To get the Visual Voicemail service, all you need is to text the phrase 'iPhone Visual', without the quotation marks, to the shortcode 150. The Visual Voicemail service will then be activated within 24 hours.

Using Visual Voicemail is free, and can easily be switched off if you prefer to revert back to the old voicemail service by texting 'iPhone Visual Off' to 150.

The service will initially only be available to iPhone 5 users on EE4G, although Visual Voicemail is supported by all iPhone models. EE say that there are plans to roll out the service in the coming weeks to iPhone users on Orange, but T-Mobile users will have to wait a bit longer to see if they will be getting access to the service.

Although Visual Voicemail was activated by O2 back in 2007, no other operator made the service part of their offering when they launched the iPhone. Whether the service wil lcome to customers on other networks remains to be seen.