Lookout Security for Android Updated with Lock Cam Feature

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With mobile phone thefts on the rise, users are always on the lookout to make their devices as secure as possible, should they end up being lost or stolen. One of the more popular Android security apps, called Lookout, has been given an update, with a new headline Lock Cam feature.


The Lock Cam feature makes use of the front facing camera on your smartphone, and will capture an image if the security code on the Android phone or Tablet is entered incorrectly. This image is emailed to a preset email address, along with the location, so it should be easier to locate your device.

The new Lock Cam feature is available to users of the free and Premium versions of Lookout, providing extra peace of mind for users. In addition to the Lock Cam option, users of the Premium version of Lookout can write a custom lock screen message on the device, providing information on how to return it to the rightful owner.

Mobile phone security is a major priority for phone users, as thieves seek easy targets to make quick money. Phone theft has risen sharply in recent months, with the Met Police in London recently launching a security awareness campaign, highlighting just how easy it is for thieves to swipe phones from users. A video released by the Met shows a youth riding a bike, swiping a mobile from the hand of its owner and riding off before the chap had any chance to react:

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Losing your phone can be that easy. By protecting your device with a security code, and using an app like Lookout, you will stand a better chance of getting your property back.

Lookout offers more than just theft protection, it can also help to protect your phone and Tablet against the growing threat of Malware, by scanning the apps you install on your phone for any hidden threats. This offers protection against threats of spyware, viruses and malicious software being installed on your device. In addition, Lookout can block access to websites that store malicious code, which tries to infect your device if you happen to go to a particular website.

With Lookout, you can also create an online backup of all the content stored on your phone, including contacts, pictures, calendar appointments and call history. Often the biggest hassle when losing a phone or having it stolen is losing the valuable information stored on it. With Lookout you can remotely wipe all the information stored locally on the stolen phone, and download the backed up details to a new device.

The updated version of Lookout is available to download now, from the Google Play Store. New downloads can try all the premium services for free for two weeks before deciding whether to keep the premium version or revert to the free offering.