EE to Supply Lookout Security Software on Android Handsets

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EE has agreed a deal to supply free Lookout security software to its customers, including Orange and T-Mobile users, pre-loading the software on all Android smartphones.

LookoutThe deal will see Lookout loaded on Android handsets sold in the UK on T-Mobile and Orange, as well as on the Orange network in Slovakia, Spain and France, starting in early 2013.

Lookout security software helps to protect handsets from infection from malicious software, by scanning apps and files on the Android device, as well as analysing links on websites that users might click on. The analysis is done in the cloud, reducing the strain on handsets, thus limiting the impact on battery life other security products can have.

Lookout also helps users locate their device when it is lost, which can be located by logging in to Google Maps via An alarm can be sounded to make the phone SCREAM out a high pitched noise, even if the handset is on silent mode, and you can even try to locate your phone if the battery has died, as you can view the last logged location of the device.

Should you be unable to locate your device for any reason, you can use Lookout to remotely lock your phone to prevent unauthorised access, or even remove all stored content for additional peace of mind.

Lookout lets you back up all the content stored on your phone, to, so if you do get your phone back after remotely wiping it, or if you get a replacement device you can simply restore contacts, pictures and videos simply and easily.

Paul-François Fournier, Executive Vice President for Orange Technocentre said: “It is critical we help protect our customers, and this partnership with Lookout allows us to provide additional protection for our customers without them having to take any action, or become experts on mobile security.”

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For more information see the Lookout website. To download the Lookout app, head to the Google Play Store.