Samsung Continues to Lead Global Smartphone Market

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone market, extending its lead over Apple, according to the latest report from technology research firm, Gartner.

Samsung Galaxy SIIIThe crown jewel in the Samsung line-up continues to be the Samsung Galaxy SIII, which leads the charge of a host of Android based Samsung Galaxy handsets.

In total, Gartner claim Samsung managed to shift 98 million handsets, increasing their share by more than 18 percent against the same period last year.

Overall Samsung claimed a 22.9 percent share of the handset market, supported by the Galaxy S3 which is the top selling phone of the last quarter. In the smartphone market, where feature phones aren't counted, Samsung controls an impressive 32.5 market share.

It may surprise some to see that of overall phones sold in Q3, Nokia sits proudly in second place, selling over 82 million handsets. This is supported in the main by Nokia's large presence in the developing world, where the popularity of devices like the Nokia Asha range still keeps the Nokia brand among the top sellers. However, Nokia's performance in the smartphone market is still pretty dire, with the manufacturer sitting in a lowly seventh position.

Gartner predict that the launch of Windows Phone 8, the OS on the new Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 may help to improve Nokia's share in the 4th quarter, however any considerable improvement won't be seen until well into next year, if at all.

Android continues to be the dominant smartphone platform in the market, with Gartner's stats giving the Google backed platform a 72.4 percent share of the market. Second to Android is Apple, with iOS taking a 13.9 percent stake.