Customers to Get Access to Mobile Phone Billing Info


The UK Government is to add a new right to its Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill, that will give consumers the right to access the data mobile firms use to formulate their monthly invoices.

MoneyThis data can then be uploaded to price comparison sites, helping customers to get the best deal based on their current usage.

The data will give customers access to exact call and text usage, so they will no longer have to make a best guess estimate when looking for the right mobile package for their needs. The new right will also apply to consumer data held by gas and electric suppliers and credit card companies, too.

In announcing the new power, Business Minister Lord Marland said: “To further benefit consumers we will be introducing a power to make it compulsory for suppliers of services and goods to provide their customers on request their transaction and consumption data in a portable, electronic format. This will help consumers to make better decisions on products and services that offer them the best value.”

Choosing the right mobile tariff is an important part of selecting a new mobile phone, and often people will over spend on their monthly package, in the misplaced belief that choosing a higher tariff to get a phone for 'free' offers better value.

Often, a better course of action can be to pay an upfront fee for the device, and choose a tariff that has a lower monthly charge, which still offers adequate inclusive calling value. The total outlay over the minimum term of the contract in such circumstances can often work out to be lower than having a free phone, with a higher monthly fee.

With ongoing mobile network coverage improvements, the differences between networks is less about where you can use your phone, and more about the prices you need to pay for services you use most often.

When choosing a new mobile phone, it usually involves a process of finding a device with the right level of camera, operating system, right sized screen, and additional features such as maybe having a radio or NFC. A similar pattern should be followed when choosing a new mobile phone tariff, by selecting a package that offers the required number of text, inclusive calling minutes and ever more importantly, data usage. Unlimited deals may catch the eye, but for some users, tariffs with a limited number of allocated text, minutes and data may prove to be more economically sound, with a lower ongoing month-on-month charge.

By accessing the data used by networks to calculate your monthly invoice, it will make it easier to ensure you are selecting the right package when browsing online for the best deal.

To help you get the best deal online, uses a system of sliders, which allow you to easily set the limit you want for inclusive minutes, texts and data usage, and you can also easily select your preferred length of contract, plus any additional features you want when purchasing a new phone. Offers are then displayed based on your search criteria from our many online partners.

Let us know in the comments below how you go about choosing the best tariff for your needs. Do you consider your inclusive monthly allowance? Is monthly cost your main priority? Or do you choose the first tariff that gives you your phone of choice for free?