Game Developer Drops Android Support due to Fragmentation

Mika Mobile Logo

Leading game developer Mika Mobile has announced that it will no longer be supporting Android, citing platform fragmentation as a major cause.

Mika Mobile LogoMika, responsible for leading mobile games such as Zombieville USA and Battleheart, said that during 2011, 20% of its time was spent dealing with problems such as bug fixes needed when porting games to various Android platforms.

The fact that Android sales amounted to just 5% of revenue meant this has become unsustainable.

In testing games, Mika invests thousands purchasing Android handsets, to ensure games work on different handsets with different processors, display sizes and Android OS versions.

Recently Google made some changes to the Android Market, now called the Google Play Store, offering developers more space for apps and games, but in reality this is of little help to developers. Whilst up to 4GB of space is now available for apps, .apk files still need to be under 50MB.

Mika Mobile points out that taking advantage of these changes will involve significant rewriting of of games, investment that Mika Mobile suggest is not economically viable.

Fragmentation has long been a real problem for Android, and something Google has been battling to control for a while. Until the problem is resolved, more developers may find they need to abandon support for Android.