BlackBerry 8520 Curve

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7.6Out of 10
Our score
7.4Out of 10
User score

“Entry level Blackberry with a price to match, good value”


“Just a 2.0 Megapixel Camera”


The BlackBerry 8520 Curve is currently out of stock.

8520 Curve specs

Reasons to buy the 8520 Curve

  • Micro SDMemory Card SlotMicro SD


Manufacturer BlackBerry  
Operating system Blackberry OS  
Release date August 2009  
Sim card type Standard  


Accelerometer No  
Proximity No  
Compass No  
Barometer No  
Gyroscope No  
GPS unknown  

Size & Weight

Form Factor Candy Bar  
Thickness 13.9 mm Is average size
Size 60.0x13.9x109.0mm Is average size
Weight 106.0 g Is average weight


Battery type Lithium Ion  
Capacity 1150 mah Has a smaller than average battery capacity
Standby 408.0 hours Offers an average time in standby
Talktime 5.0 hours Offers less than average talktime


Display size 2.46 inches Has a smaller than average screen
Screen type TFT  
Resolution 320x240 Has a very low screen resolution
Pixels per inch 163 ppi Has lower than average pixels per inch

Processing Power

CPU 512 mhz Has a slower than average processor speed
Processor Cores Single Core Has poorer than average processing power


External Storage Micro SD Offers ability to extend storage memory via memory card slot

Camera & Video

Primary Camera 2.0 MP Has a smaller than average megapixel camera
Flash No  
LED Flash No  
HDR Imaging No  
GEO Tagging No  
Auto Focus No  
Fixed Focus No  
Touch Focus No  
Face Detection No  
Smile Detection No  
Image Stabilisation No  
Primary Camera Video 0 fps  
Video Quality QVGA  
2nd Camera 0.0 MP  

Data Speeds & Network

Network Speeds GPRS (0.128 mbps)
EDGE (0.384 mbps)
Has very slow maximum data speeds
NFC No  
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g  
Bluetooth 2.0 with enhanced data rate with A2DP  
USB microUSB  

Sound & Music

MP3 Player Yes  
FM Radio No  
Loudspeaker Yes  


On Pay Monthly £0.00 per month  
On Pay As You Go £0.00 per handset  

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8520 Curve user reviews & ratings

46 reviews from our community
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Average feature ratings
  • Design 8.2
  • Features 7.7
  • Usability 7.9
  • Performance 5.8
  • Battery Life 5.7
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Reviews by usage
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7.6Out of 10
Great Phone , Great Texting

Felicityxx posted on

This phone is great, I must admit that once or twice, I have been on the app store and it just keeps on saying loading and it just wont do anything, in that situation you just need to take the back off your phone and then take the battery out. Also if your phones pad that moves your mouse stops working you just need to turn your phone off and then on again and then it will work again! Apart from those things its very sturdy. The other day I dropped my phone on the floor, face down on the screen and there was no scratches, nothing and the screen was completely fine. I would advise just to get a plastic screen protector just in case. Texting is so quick, providing you have signal . Also on the app store there is this amazing app, called what's app that you can text for free on, it works so well on a Blackberry. The games are quite good that you already have on a Blackberry and there is only one thing on the Blackberry that you have to pay for, its BBM, £5.00 for 30 days and that's when BBM is free ! But overall this phone is really good!

7.2Out of 10
A great phone that does what it says on the box.

Feasible posted on

Overall id say this phone has all the average user needs. Great camera, Great apps and Fantastic sound quality for mp3s. If there was a bad point it would be no flash for photos but that is easily forgiven. I use the obvious features daily like texting and calling family. Another point about the camera is I wish it had a forward facing option for self pics but that is just a personal preference thing. Plenty of room for storing those apps and one great feature is the way apps are installed in places you want them, for example facebook is in the section with blackberry messenger. Naturally if you want more space upgrade your SD card.

7.2Out of 10
Fab features fiddly keys

Emm1976 posted on

I like the BB curve as I can sync it with my BB playbook which allows me to access all my phone content and control playbook remotely, it is a great size phone to keep in your pocket but not too large to loose in your bag. I do find the keys on the keypad a little small and fiddly compared to older versions of BBs. The camera is really good the pictures are very good quality I use this function allot taking pics of the kids. The battery life is really good I use the phone all the time at kids activities snapping photos and it lasts hours. The phone connects to your computer with ease and is very simple to download your photos or upload music. As the phone is slim and light and fits in your pocket it is ideal to use as an mp3 player and listen to your fave tunes while walking or in the gym. The apps are good in particular the social networking apps e.g. Facebook you can upload photos or update your status in seconds. Overall this is a great phone and I would recommend it.

5Out of 10
A very enjoyable phone.

Jomags posted on

This Blackberry has many good features and very few bad ones. Some of the good features are that it has a nice size qwerty keyboard that is easy to use, has an app store with many free apps available to download. The browser is great and navigation is very simple, the video and picture as well as the sound quality are very good. Emailing and receiving on this phone are a breeze, voice calling is easy and sound is clear.

Now for some bad little things, the battery does not do very well especially when downloading photos, videos or sounds you may need to keep a car charger handy. Rebooting or even switching on takes an extremely long time and is a bit of an irritation when one is in a hurry. The phone is not rugged and not made to take many knocks so it is advisable to fit a rubber cover to absorb some of the shocks and they are available in many great designs.

7.6Out of 10
Amazingly Brilliant. Highly Recommend

123Louise1234 posted on

Absolutely amazing. Only crashes every couple of days. Reasonably priced and totally worth every penny. The features are great, especially BBM... Everything works with no issues. The camera isn't great quality, but the other features make up for it. You can link everything to your facebook, twitter etc. Which makes it easier to share things with friends and family. Great product. Highly recommended! The games aren't that great, so I never use them. The email options are really good and you can do everything you can do on a normal PC/laptop. Calls are really clear. I am with o2 and rarely get any problems. The o2 bolt on is £5 per month. Definitely worth the extra money!

8.4Out of 10
A sturdy reliable stylish phone

Smcfarlane posted on

Excellent phone easy to use, sturdy great customer help team. a little unreliable with downloads at times but well worth it for other features it offers. Stylish design, buttons are a little small for someone with big hands. BBM a cost effective way of staying in touch as opposed to sms. holds a good charge and charges v.quickly. The media player has excellent volume quality, the software is very easy to use. There are very few games pre loaded, but you can download quite a few free ones from app store.

7.2Out of 10
would be perfect with an improved battery life

Meljayb34 posted on

Overall Blackberry Curve 8520 is a great phone, messaging is easy with the qwerty keypad and browsing the web is quick. I have used mine for emails but decided to stop as the messages were filling up far to quickly. Great games, mp3 and there are loads of free apps to keep you entertained for hours. The camera could be better, picture quality can be poor especially in dark surroundings. The only real bad point is the poor battery life, if your out for a day you need to make sure no apps are left running and your battery is fully charged before you leave home, if not your battery will die leaving you without a phone. Ive bought a second battery now to keep in my bag as a spare in case I ever need it.

6.8Out of 10
Excellent phone covers everything

Llewynskii posted on

Overall, Blackberry Curve 8520 is my favorite phone I have owned and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in socialising and business. This model has lasted me 17 months and still functions perfectly without fault. Definitely a worthwhile product which deserves 4.5 starts at minimal.

This model does have its drawback such as slow inter networking especially if you do not have the 3g functions as well as rebooting issues which makes the system take up to 5-10 Min's to reboot the system. However each of these issues are minority factors which should not be reconsidered in the choice of purchasing this product as its benefits overweight drawbacks.

7.2Out of 10
reliable and covers what i need

Sharlaedgar posted on

Overall a good phone. However can sometimes have problems when it freezes if I have downloaded too many apps. Battery life can also be affected by the amount of apps I have downloaded, at one point an app made my battery life be only 2 hours however after deleting it my battery returned to normal. The thing I dislike about this phone is when you take the battery out it takes a long time to reload again. But in general I would recommend this phone as it is easy to use and the qwerty keypad is great. Sometimes when listening to music the speakers can switch to headphone mode which makes the sounds go fuzzy, but I just change the settings back to speakerphone and the problem is sorted. I think this phone is great for Internet browsing etc. I am currently with O2 service provider which I don't think blackberry on this network is good value due to having to pay for the blackberry bolt on per month. I think that a blackberry taken out on contract would be much better value if you stay with in your package limits.

6.8Out of 10
Neccesary for modern life just needs better battery

Rachie97 posted on

The phone is overall fantastic, I love the shape and feel of the phone. It's very easy to type and navigate, and the app store is easy to use and provides the use to download most of the things you'd want. The blackberry features of the phone such as blackberry messenger (bbm) the rest of the messaging features are also well laid out. The issues with the phone is that it freezes quite regularly and the memory can go quite quickly, also the battery lasts a maximum of a day, sometimes as little as a few hours if it's being used a lot. I use my phone daily for messaging, music and social networking, this phone really meets the need for modern life.

4.6Out of 10
blackberry battery life is not good

Char2011 posted on

I got my blackberry because everyone was talking about it saying it is good. I feel that the phone is way over hyped and I would not recommend it. There are times when I want to throw the phone out the window, the blackberry messenger is ok but it get annoying when people keep broadcasting. Also sometimes it will say the person has read the message and they actually haven't.

The blackberry battery life is not good, I find myself walking around with the charger because it usually dies in the day. with minimal use it would probably last 6 or 7 hours with allot of use it will last about 4. Sometimes it will just crash and turn off for no reason. There are good points though, it's good to have a messenger because its like having free texts. Blackberry do update their features every once in a while so that's good.

5.2Out of 10
Inexpensive phone, but lacks quality

Ando24 posted on

Good Points - The qwerty keyboard is good for people who do not like touch screens. The scroll is sensitive (in a good way). It is very durable, and will not break the first time it is dropped. Blackberry messenger is very useful.

Bad Points - Battery life is terrible, maybe only lasts a day. It can be very sluggish whilst using the Internet. Does not have a flash on the camera so cannot use it as a light. I personally had to send it back after 3months as it had a dodgy circuit board in it. The signal receiver is not great in the phone.

4.8Out of 10
Very poor functionality

Skippybaker posted on

Nice looking phone, let down by very poor functionality. Often crashes, needing a full re-boot. Settings are too easily changed without confirmation. When putting the phone in your pocket or bag if you haven't locked the phone it has a tendency to dial the last number called by you, this can lead to higher bills and loss of calling credit. Blackberry Internet service is awful, if you lose your Internet connection you have to attempt to log back in to Blackberry Internet services, but often the log in password has been deleted even though you have set the phone to auto log-in & remember password. No GPS but Blackberry maps installed.

3.8Out of 10
Smart looking phone, pity it's been a nightmare

Ecunningham91 posted on

This phone was a major let down, I was recommended to purchase it from a friend and it was the worst mistake I've made yet when buying a phone. The Internet is ridiculously slow, sometimes my blackberry has taken as long as 15Min's to load Google and sometimes it just doesn't load at all. My Facebook app regularly freezes and lags, it took me 3 hours to download the app in the first place as Blackberry App World also freezes and is sluggish. Straight after I purchased this phone it wouldn't let me log in to Blackberry App World, I researched this problem and found out it was quite a common problem with this particular model of Blackberry's and still I couldn't find a solution to the problem.

When I was eventually forced to take the phone into a phone shop the sales assistants in there was also struggling to sort this problem out for me and I spent an hour and a half in there, only to have to leave with the problem still not figured out. I finally discovered after having the entire contents of my Blackberry wiped that it was a simple problem because my timezone was set wrong on the phone, but over a dozen professionals couldn't tell me this; I had to figure it out for myself. The battery life is extremely temperamental, sometimes it just shoots down for no reason at all even if I have no apps running, which is quite unreliable for a phone as well. My phone also freezes a lot of the time, which means I'm constantly having to take the battery out the back and reboot it which also slams the battery down each time I do this. Do not get this phone it's caused me nothing but bother, you're either lucky with it or you're not and if you're not it is an utter nightmare.

5.8Out of 10
Fab phone, but slowness and battery are a downfall

Amandabray posted on

The blackberry curve 8520 - in my opinion - is a very good, very attractive, and easy to use smart phone. The QWERTY keyboard and track pad (although the track pad sometimes crashes and is slow) are really good, modern parts of the phone, that, I think, should be on every phone. The phone has lots of fantastic applications, such as, bbm blackberry messenger, which I'd say is the best thing on the phone, as well as app world, that had LOADS of amazing apps, for free and that you can buy, plus many more applications.

On the other hand, the downsides to the phone, are the battery, it runs out extremely quickly and you have to recharge every night, which is an annoyance to those with a busy lifestyle. Also a bad point is the egg timer that seems to come up quite often, making the device slow and takes a long time loading things, which usually results in me having to take the battery out and restart the phone, because otherwise I would be waiting all day for it to eventually load. All in all, blackberry curve is a great smart phone, useful for all ages and especially useful for those working in business. Amazing phone, would recommend to anybody! Shame about the battery life and loading ability though of course.

6.4Out of 10
Nice phone and practical for what I need.

Littlesmiffy posted on

Its a great little phone, although can be confusing when first using it, takes a while to get use to it and know where all the settings are. For the popularity of the phone I don't find it as good as I expected, and would have expected a better camera, but for the general things I use it for it is very useful and accurate. I use my phone on a daily basis for texting, emails, occasional phone calls for both work and personal reasons. I do like the diary on it as it is practical in me being able to see whats happening next on my main screen.

The battery life is not the best as I have to charge it every other day, and would expect a phone to normally have a longer battery life. Overall, it is a nice phone and comfortable to use, very useful for my work with its ability to retrieve emails. I would recommend it to others, but might not necessary get a blackberry next time.

7.8Out of 10
not just a phone

Kelsbels posted on

I find this phone suits me down to the ground, I use it as an mp3 player with loads of different playlists loaded in to suit my mood. I have loads of lists and all my appointments etc are all in there. I can honestly say this phone has helped me organise my life, I am a busy working mum of 3 children and so use this phone to constantly remind me of things that need doing/picked up or telling me where I need to be. I have got my eldest son one also for his birthday so the messenger service is a brilliant added bonus.

4.4Out of 10
Blackberry Curve 8520 lots of hype but not justified

Charlieomeara posted on

The Internet is way too slow and the keys are too small. With the Blackberry Curve 8520 nothing is straight forward. Downloading the Apps takes a long time and the battery lasts a day and a half at the most even with light use. I would never have another one of these phones as I think they are pretty useless. I use the phone for calling texting and emails and taking photographs. I don't tend to use the Internet because of the above problems. The camera is actually quite good in daylight outside and inside and ok inside at night. This phone could do with a flash for the camera though.

9.8Out of 10
Super little phone - very attractive, usable, with great features

AshleighM89 posted on

Great phone, very easy to get the hang of using; and very different from other phone makes and models. Some fab features, and make keeping up to date with emails, social networking, and even work documents while on the go very easy. Great for both those who love to be up to date with what's going on on social networking sites, etc. and those who use their email for business allot. Blackberry Messenger allows you to keep in touch with other blackberry users free of charge, which can save on those phone bills! The Application Manager allows you to update your software and applications easily. Good quality camera, and it's very easy to upload photos straight from your mobile to facebook or attach them in an email. Keypad is very easy to use despite the small buttons, and all together the phone looks very attractive and neat.

7Out of 10
Love my BlackBerry

Steena posted on

I found the phone to be very good. It was my first Blackberry and I'm very happy with it. The Internet is slow and the phone unfortunately has a habit of crashing or lacking speed, but if you take the battery out and restart it that way, then it works again. I love this phone, but after 2 years of usage,. it's pretty damaged. I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone I know, and I'm very positive about getting another Blackberry Curve. I am however not too happy about the Internet speed, as it can take absolute ages to load facebook or My space. The Internet browser isn't very good either, and it doesn't compare with the smoothness of the iPhone, but I still like my Blackberry a lot!

6.6Out of 10
I've got the power

Jessrowland posted on

Great phone for messaging, calling, Internet and facebook apps etc - however this does run down the battery pretty quick. Apps are really easy to download, from the blackberry app world and they don't use up any of your Internet allowance which is great if you don't opt to have unlimited Internet in your tariff.

Good clear screen, with all the features you expect from a good phone. If you're looking for a phone with a good camera, it's not the curve as it doesn't have a flash option so is only really suitable for daylight. I use it for blackberry messenger, facebook, calls and texts as well as games and I need to charge it every 2-3days which isn't too bad.

7.2Out of 10
Good business mobile phone

Richiejg posted on

This is currently being used as my work phone, its very good, although some features need to be improved on. This is a very basic phone that works great as a company business phone not sure about apps etc as we are not permitted to use this as per the company policy. Good points - full keyboard, easy to type emails, texts etc. Fast response and fast boot up. Bad points - very big, not touch screen, Blackberry messenger is good free function. Email function is very good but was not set up by me so not sure how easy it is to set up. Looks professional looking. Overall a good business phone.

6.8Out of 10
Brill Blackberry apart from small issues

Xpixiex posted on

Phone can freeze on occasions but other than that brilliant for apps and bbm. Good features. Battery could last a bit longer but does charge quickly. Used for everyday calls, msgs, emails and net and works well. The overall phone housing could be a little stronger and it is easy to mark and dent when either dropped or knocked about. Another bad point is scrolling through text messages, it can take forever to find a message unless you search thoroughly and don't scroll down. If you do scroll down it can take a long time to reach the most recent.

4.6Out of 10
Not so smartphone

Bobbytman posted on

This is a sluggish phone, the internet browser is ridiculously slow, not just using the networks signal, but when using a wifi signal too, as such i rarely use the browser at all. The qwerty keyboard is nice, but the buttons are very small. this is fine for me on a day to day basis, but when typing under the influence of alcohol, or when loaning my phone out to older relatives with less nimble fingers, the text resembles gobbledegook. The phones camera is less than adequate. there is no flash. Any picture not taken on a bright summers day, looks terrible, the zoom function of the camera is pathetic, and pictures often appear blurred no matter how steadily i hold the phone when taking them, as such, i practically never use the camera. The audio quality of the phone is probably its best feature, i cant remember the last time i had a call where the sound cut out, the speaker phone is equally clear and as such, i often use it to make hands free calls. all in all, i wish i had never bought this phone. i should have got an other phone instead.

6.6Out of 10
Nice size for use

Markcar posted on

The phone is user friendly apart from the battery the life does not last very long. I use the phone to make calls and send text and emails, I sometimes use it for the internet but if I use it to search the internet the battery only lasts for a few hours. The thing I like about it the most is the qwerty keyboard which is very easy to use I also like the colours that it comes in, the screen is fairly large and very clear to see it is also easy to download anything I need and to share photos with friends and family.

8.4Out of 10
Easy to use and a lot of fun!

MissWotsit posted on

This phone is lightweight, smooth and compact, it has a lot of features and is perfect for business users and everyday users. The sound quality of the mp3's and ring tones is very crisp, clear and LOUD! couple of bad points are there is a limited amount of ways to customise the curve. I am always on bbm, wifi and texting and the battery life is superb lasting about 2/3 days even with this amount of usage.

The phone has crashed once or twice since I have had it but nothing a battery pull doesn't fix! BB App World gives you the ability to download different apps to enhance your mobile experience. The screen is bright and clear and the keyboard is fantastic and easy to use, perfect for new and advanced mobile users. Not the greatest camera so not ideal for any pro photographers out there, but does the job for us everyday users. First blackberry I have ever owned after owning different types and I can say Blackberry is the best so far!

7.6Out of 10
Basic blackberry use

Dani7098 posted on

This is a good starter phone to get used to a blackberry or for light phone users. The features do not compare to the newer versions but does the basics. With blackberry that would be email, text and the great benefit of free blackberry messaging anywhere in the world. The battery life is okay, but do need to charge it for a few hours each day if the phone has heavy use. Such as music player, pictures and Internet use. The only reason why I would not recommend this phone as the camera on it does not have a flash. This should be standard on all phones these days.

7.4Out of 10
Good Phone but reliability can be an issue

Dant91 posted on

The Phone is a decent phone when it works. I have had a few problems with it being sent back to the factory twice for repair but since then the phone has been fine! Good points would be the actual power of the phone. You can do a lot of things on it and it is far superior to any other phone I have used for keeping up to date with all my e-mails. Bad points would be its reliability issues; its slow Internet speed compared to the rival iPhone however it's not exactly slow when browsing the web just not as quick once there are images on the page.

9Out of 10
Great Phone to have to keep in touch with friends and family around the world.

Leilajay posted on

Great phone and features are easy to use. Connect easily on wi-fi so you can use the Internet wherever you go: Home,train etc... Also, Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, my space, Flicker are available wherever you go, so you can keep in touch with anyone around the world. BB messaging is awesome connect with family and friends anywhere, that it's top mark as i use it a lot with my family in France. No more expensive phone call. Lovely flat shape, great screen and good size. Can take fabulous picture's. Got a few games also like sudoku, spelling game...The only bad point I will say, it needs to be charged quite often. Overall excellent phone.

8.2Out of 10
Reliable and covers everything i need

Germain123 posted on

This is the first Blackberry phone I have had, and I must say the phone is very easy to use and also very stylish. The best points about the phone I would say are the full qwerty keypad and the mouse type motion sensor pad. The phone has capacity for a lot of applications and games to go on there, haven't used the Blackberry messenger so can't comment on that. The games that come with it are a bit dull but for a few pounds you can buy some amazing games with excellent graphics. The phone is also very useful when I have been in work in sales, as its like a personal organiser for all your appointments plus you can also track your sales with a sales application.

8Out of 10
Does Way More Than I Expected

Jagman posted on

Having never owned a smart phone before, I have to say this tiny little gem is fantastic, it plays avi files with fantastic clarity considering the smallish size of screen, I have always wanted to be able to access my e-mail during the working day and this phone delivers everything I need. The camera my not be of huge resolution (half that of my old one) but it's quality is way better than the first digital camera I owned, and better than the old phone it replaced. The headphones supplied put to shame the inner ear ones I have bought in the past, I never expected to hear such deep bass! Only down side points are the slow connection speeds outside a wifi spot, the battery will die in 5 hours if you watch lots of videos and the tiny keyboard, but I am getting used to it.

One thing that does really annoy, is if the model you get is provided with more than 2 games (mine came with 5) and you upgrade from the Blackberry web site the "firm ware" operating system, you will loose all the games bar some break-out game and a word game, be warned... I loved that Texas Hold-em game. The main reason I got it was a great very cheap contract, I am now so glad I did, I love this tiny electronic device. As I am almost 50 now, I can stand up and say "I have joined the mobile electronic communication world" And I love it, it is also very easy to use and setup, almost intuitive. Maybe I just like keyboards and not these touch screen gizmo's.

8.6Out of 10
Lovely design, easy to use but watch out for the sticking trackbutton.

Amramsey posted on

I've had this phone for about 4 months now and it's my first Blackberry. I have had a standard phone for years so this is a big step up for me but I have found this phone very easy to navigate once you get used to the wide range of options available. I generally use the phone for calls, text messages and the occasional browsing and checking of emails.

The battery seems to last for ages (I usually charge it about once a week). If your used to a standard phone it can taken a little while to get used to the tiny qwerty keyboard but I now think that your normal standard phone keys are huge! The only real downside is that the track button very occasionally sticks and I have heard numerous tells of this eventually becoming a fault. Mine is still going strong although I must admit I now longer play games on it just to save it from the extra stress. I would definitely recommend this phone is you need something to access your emails and all the normal standard phone options. It also has a superb phone.

7.4Out of 10
great features shame about reliability

Rachelamie posted on

Great phone, easy to use however not very reliable. I have had to have mine changed already as it was stuck in updating cycle, apparently this is a well known fault. When this happens all you will get is a clock in centre of screen and as everything is automatically saved to phone rather than the sim, if you don't change this then it is easy to lose everything. The phone would also benefit from having larger memory for photos as not many can be held, also mms is incredibly slow. On the positive it is really easy to use even for real technophobes, looks really stylish and has loads of applications and features.

8Out of 10
The MSN and facebook apps are very useful

Callum posted on

The full qwerty keyboard enables texting to be very fast and easy. At first I thought that it would be hard to use the small qwerty keyboard, but I found that using it come naturally to me and texting was very fast and easy.

There are not many good features however, a shortage of apps considering its a smart phone. The MSN and facebook apps are very useful, the camera is not to bad but not astounding.

I still think Blackberry excel with their ease of texting.

8.7Out of 10
a complete entertainment unit in one

Ronnie posted on

The phone is very easy to use and the screen is bright and clearly visible. The speed of the internet on the phone and browser is very quick, often quicker than my home broadband.

Also suitable for watching films whilst on the bus. The memory is huge and starts at 2GB although I've used a memory card and got 8GB. It is ergonomically designed and whilst fitting in the palm of your hand is a complete entertainment unit in one. Phone, music, videos, games and entertainment, what more could you want.

6Out of 10
It is very much a business phone and is excellent for picking up emails

Tom posted on

Overall a good mobile pone, it is sometimes slightly glitchy and takes a while to pick up but it has everything that you need.

It is very much a business phone and is excellent for picking up emails. It is easy to locate all your files and of course you are able to have word documents up if your using it as a business mobile phone.

I feel to get the most out of this phone you will want to have some sort of mark in the business field to be able to use the phone to its full potential.

The only slight nag I have is the quality of the speaker when playing music or watching a video, it can be very tinny and is not of great quality.

10Out of 10
On the whole it is a very pleasant phone to have for work and pleasure

Tish posted on

This is my first Blackberry, actually my first smartphone.
I have found it very easy to use after a day. I have had no problems accessing my hotmail account. I have also managed to receive my work email on my phone too. I have just downloaded windows live messenger and its good stuff.

On the whole it is a very pleasant phone to have for work and pleasure. I know there are alot of people saying the battery is no good. But I wait until end of battery then charge and im not having a problem. Overall the best phone I have ever had.

8.7Out of 10
It is a very useful and neat little pocket computer!

Clare posted on

This is the first Blackberry that I have had and I really dont regret changing. Have had it a week now and it was fairly straightforward to learn how to use it. Linked it straight to our home wifi and that makes it quicker. But can't complain when out and about either.

I would strongly advise an internet inclusive deal as well as erin m who posted the last review. This is because if you are linked by e-mail, then when out of range of your wifi, it uses the mobile internet automatically, unless you manage to disable this setting. Then you could find yourself with an internet access bill which stacks up fairly quickly just for the odd e-mail here and there.

Haven't used the camera yet, but I didn't get this phone for the camera, I got it to easily be able to pick up my e-mails from all my accounts so that if I am away I can still respond to any queries. I also write quite a few emails in French and the spell check for that is very useful. It is a very useful and neat little pocket computer!

10Out of 10
the phone is great to use

G posted on

After using a touchscreen phone, and many other phones previous to that, I would never consider using any other brand of mobile. After you get used to the layout and the full on qwerty keyboard, the phone is great to use. I now have a large group of friends with blackberry's, making the blackberry messenger app even more of a great tool.

8.7Out of 10
The screen is clear, and the sound quality is excellent.

Paul posted on

This Blackberry is really easy to use, very pleased with it so far. Had it 8+ months, so far no breakdowns or anything so technically it is sound (touch wood), I wasn't happy with my previous Nokia versions which both broke within about 4 months. The screen is clear, and the sound quality is excellent.

8Out of 10
impressed with how easy it is to use

Dgirl posted on

I have not had my Blackberry very long but am already impressed with how easy it is to use. Setting up all features on the phone was much easier than anticipated, especially the email service. It is a great benefit to have email on the go wherever I am. I wouldn't want to swap for any other phone.

10Out of 10
it was a smart move

Alistair posted on

Excellent phone, easy to use QWERTY keyboard makes it so simple to text. Disappointed it didn't have radio built it but that is all I can really fault it on.

E-mails easy to set up and keeps me in touch. Good simple layouts and everything easy to find within the phone. Good feel to the phone and not too heavy or cumbersome. Storage capacity excellent, easy to upload music/photos. Wasn't sure whether to get it because I have used Sony Ericsson's for years, but have to admit it was a smart move, basically a portable computer.

9.3Out of 10
everything you'd ever need to run a hectic lifestyle

Abi posted on

Brilliant phone, has everything you'd ever need to run a hectic lifestyle. Calendar function is fantastic! WiFi and Blackberry Messenger means great business connections and the QWERTY keyboard is fantastic.

Also a lot cheaper than other Blackberry's but the only difference is that this doesn't have GPS or a flash on camera, both functions which don't bother me but maybe a concern to others. Overall though, fantastic phone won't be changing this for a while, definitely recommend!

8.7Out of 10
it's got to be one worth considering

Bronteboy posted on

An attractive looking handset that is probably more use to business users than those wanting quick text and music as a priority. Easy to use with great internet access and wi-fi capability. Great to pick up and send e-mails anytime. Still quite bulky because of the keyboard and in an attempt to keep size down the buttons are relatively small.

Battery life isn't great and extensive use of the internet quickly drains it. Recharge time is fairly quick though but for heavy users a spare battery would be an idea.

The camera is adequate as I've always thought that anyone wanting to take lots of photos would be better advised to buy a camera! The MP3 player performs well enough but extra memory would be advisable. This comes in the form of a mini SD card. It has numerous extras and Blackberry apps are available.

Overall I consider this phone to be great in the right hands but it's not one for someone wanting to mainly text, listen to music and photograph. For anyone wanting to keep in touch via e-mail and internet, it's got to be one worth considering.

9.3Out of 10
pleased to say I was not disappointed

Julie posted on

I have recently upgraded my phone. I decided on a Blackberry as I like to keep on top of my emails and I like to use the internet and browse on a regular basis. I am pleased to say I was not disappointed. This phone is stylish and yet also remarkably easy to use, I would definitely recommend.

8.7Out of 10
would recommend getting one on a contract that includes the internet

Erin posted on

It is very handy to use, internet is great and very easy to customise, camera is a bit rubbish but you dont buy a Blackberry for the camera, it is the best phone I've had, I would recommend getting one on a contract that includes the internet.

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8520 Curve details

What our expert says

The sleek Blackberry 8520 Curve looks similar to the 8900 Curve, but has a few important differences. It has a rubberized body which makes it durable and feels nice in the hand. A full QWERTY keyboard is included which makes writing emails, texts and instant messaging easier. Push email allows you to send and receive emails from different accounts anywhere in the world, as well as browsing Facebook, MySpace and Flickr. Navigation is made easy with a smooth optical trackball. The 8520 also features a 2 megapixel camera, video recorder, GPRS and EDGE technology, expandable memory, USB and Media player.