Sky Go for Android has fallen short of the mark admit Sky

Sky adds additional handset support to Sky Go for Android

Sky Go, the popular TV on the move app from British Sky Broadcasting, has fallen short of the expectations of customers using the Android operating system, Sky Go MD Alun Webber has said.

However, now that the issue has been acknowledged, he has promised users of the Android platform that the problem would be addressed, and no longer would the Android version be treated as the poor cousin to the iOS version of Sky Go.

Speaking via an open letter posted on the Sky Forums, Webber wrote: “I acknowledge that Sky Go on Android has fallen short of the expectations of some of our customers.”

Webber then went on to address some of the more common issues that Android users have with the Sky Go app, including poor device support, delays in supporting newer versions of the Android platform and the time it takes for updates to be rolled out.

Webber also took the opportunity to explain to users the problems Sky developers face in bringing Sky Go to such a wide range of devices that use the Android operating system. He said:

“One issue we face relates to the way Android application code was written, which meant it was not able to easily adapt it for different screen sizes in the way enabled by the ICS and Jelly Bean releases. The other issue relates to the provision of a stream of sufficiently high bandwidth to support viewing on a Tablet device – this was a criticism of our launch on the Nexus 7, particularly for the viewing of sports content. This below-par viewing experience would only be exacerbated on a 10-inch device.”

Webber has promised Android users that Sky will be clearer about its ability to support Tablet devices and other Android handsets in the future, giving customers a realistic expectation of future smartphone support. Sky are also working hard to ensure that when the next version of Android is released, they will be able to deliver a faster update so users who upgrade to the latest OS won't have so long to wait until Sky Go support is available to them.

Sky Go has been a major success for Sky since it launched, giving users access to Sky channels to watch on the move. With Android being the largest smartphone OS, Sky will be keen to ensure more of their viewers who use Android devices will be able to access Sky content from their smartphones in the future.