Airbus unveils Bag2Go smart luggage system

Airbus announce Bag2go

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has unveiled Bag2Go, a smart bag luggage system that is designed to eliminate those horrible moments when your baggage takes a holiday all of its own and ends up hundreds of miles away.

The luggage uses RFID technology, which means the bag can be recognised by automated airport and airline baggage systems.

The system has an accompanying iPhone app, which means passengers can also check to make sure the bag has made it onto the flight, and trace its location. This is very useful at baggage reclaim, when the carousel clears and you are the last one left waiting for your luggage.

The Bag2Go concept was developed in partnership with German luggage maker Rimowa, and T-Mobile. Chief of Innovation at Airbus, Yann Barbaux, suggests the Bag2Go service could open the way for passengers to have their luggage collected from home, delivered to the airport and checked in to their flight.

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Barbaux said: “You rent the bag, it comes to you, you pack it and then the bag goes to the airport. There are companies which already do this for maybe €25. We think with this system this could be done for €8 and that it would still be profitable.”

“The value for passengers is clear, but where is the added value for Airbus?” he continued. “That is the point, we are really working on the business model today. We have the idea but need to find ways to get revenue back. The airlines would run the scheme, so it might be by licensing.”

The concept of Bag2Go is still in development, but with the right support the system could be up and running soon.