Kwikset unveils Kevo, an iPhone powered door lock

Kwikset Kevo Doorlock

Kwikset has unveiled Kevo, a wireless door lock that can be operated via an iPhone. All you need is to have the iPhone in your bag or pocket, then simply tap the lock and enter.

The Kevo lock looks just like any other door lock. The lock links to your iPhone via a bespoke app, using low powered Bluetooth connectivity. When installed, the lock emits a cool looking blue light. To gain entry, you just tap on the lock, the light turns green to confirm and the lock opens. No keys, no fumbling, no hassle.

You don't even need to take your phone out of your pocket for Kevo to work, it tracks you via location and uses the Bluetooth connectivity to open the lock.

It is also possible to create additional digital keys, giving permanent or temporary access to your home or room to anyone else who uses an iPhone. This can be useful if you have workmen coming round, meaning you won't have to wait in to let them in or have them track down a neighbour for a spare key. Simply create a digital key for them, and delete it from the system when they are done.

Kevo also works when you are inside the house, so it won't be possible for anyone to get in by tapping the lock whilst you are already inside. The Kevo lock itself runs on two AA batteries, which should be good for up to a year on usage.

Using Low Powered Bluetooth means you can only use Kevo with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, as well as the third and fourth generation iPads and the fifth gen iPod Touch.

There isn't an Android version available, but for those without an iPhone you can purchase a Kevo keyfob that works in a similar way. The downside to this is not being able to give remote access to others, and the need to purchase a separate keyfob for every person who needs entry to the house.