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Since our launch in 2007 we have been featured in local, national and worldwide press and media, providing and contributing to industry and consumer related articles and news. In addition our users have provided valuable feedback to us that we redistribute for discussion and debate within the industry for the interest of consumers.

Are you paying too much for your Mobile Phone Contract
Summary: Contribution to feature discussing how contract pricing is structured and what consumers should consider pre-purchase.
Quote: The iPhone is a much-desired premium product, and the pricing is similar because acquiring any agreements to distribute the handset from Apple is likely to come with strict retail, marketing and commercial guidelines.
Coverage: Money Wise

28% havent used their landline in 6 months
Summary: Our poll of users indicated that 28% of consumers no longer use their landline and 34% considering disconnecting.
Quote: It's fairly obvious that mobile phones were always going to have an impact on the use of landline phones, similar to how they have affected the usage of phone boxes, as previous research we carried out has shown.
Coverage: Computer World, PC Advisor

The traditional red Telephone Box on verge of extinction
Summary: We found that 74% of our users hadnt used a phonebox in 5 years, furthermore 64% said they no longer memorised telephone numbers.
Quote: Mobile phones have been threatening the existence of BT's red phone boxes for a long time now, as a large majority of the general public simply don't have the need for them anymore.
Coverage: Yahoo, Orange, MSN Tech

Phone Envy
Summary: We revealed that 67% of users have had phone envy, whilst half said they regretted their handset choice within a month.
Quote: It is understandable that some people will regret their choice of phone after buying it or receiving it following a contract renewal, however to avoid this we would encourage more shoppers to take a little more time when choosing which handset to get. Snap decisions based on the appearance of a phone may lead users to become quickly disillusioned with the potential lack of features, for instance, when compared to handsets their friends and family may own.
Coverage: Mobile Entertainment, PCR

35% of consumers would take advantage of mobile phone insurance policy
Summary: Our poll suggested 35% of consumers would be tempted to make a false claim in a bid to get an upgrade or replacement handset.
Quote: When taking out a contract, sales staff will almost always offer some kind of insurance policy. Most people seem to go for the idea, but we were surprised to see just how many had taken advantage of the policy in the past to make a false claim.
Coverage: Computer World, PC Advisor

iPhone consumers angered by lack of response on signal issue
Summary: Feedback from our users experiencing fault on new iPhone handset and being told they are holding the handset incorrectly.
Quote: Apple has done a fantastic job of creating a huge amount of publicity around the launch, so we hope the PR response to this obvious technical flaw is better than simply telling owners to hold the handset a different way or pay more for the Bumper case.
Coverage: Tech Crunch, Talk Talk, Computer Active

81% of people want Davina's mobile number
Summary: We asked users which celebrity they would most like to see in their phonebook, 81% opted for Davina McCall followed by Paris Hilton and Simon Cowell.
Coverage: MSN Celebrity

More research on handsets than when buying a home
Summary: Our poll discovered consumers between the age of 21 and 35 review 7 handsets and nine different tariffs on average when looking to upgrade or sign up to a mobile phone contract.
Quote: There are obviously a lot of people bewildered by the sheer number of handsets and tariffs available.
Coverage: Metro, Wallet Pop

Third of consumers remain loyal to mobile phone manufacturer
Summary: Our poll discovered 32% of consumers remain with their handset manufacturer on upgrade.
Quote: Once you get used to how a certain brand of phone works, such as the layout of the menu or the different functions the handset offers, it’s quite common not to want to get a new handset and learn how it works all over again.
Coverage: Telegraph

Pocket money replaced with Phone credit
Summary: Our poll discovered 67% of parents more likely to give phone credit than cash.
Coverage: Telegraph, Parent Dish

Houshold devices losing out to mobile phones
Summary: A feature with feedback from users about how their handset now replaced common devices such as the Alarm Clock, Calculator, Camera, Walkman and landline.
Quote: We did speculate that handsets would also threaten other stand alone devices and it's now clear from this study that people are starting to use their phones more and more in replacement for cameras, calendars, calculators and even their landline.
Coverage: Orange, Mobile Entertainment, Yahoo, Real People, The Sun, Daily Sport, Telegraph

64% would end a relationship via Text Message
Summary: Our poll of 1,978 users discovered two thirds would dump their partner via a text message.
Quote: Mobile phones are starting to play a more important role in relationships in todays society and, just as they can play a key role getting people together, they can also be just as important in ending things.
Coverage: Metro, OK Magazine, Daily Star

Youth would be more encouraged to vote via handsets or online
Summary: Our poll discovered a third of young people were not going to vote in the General Election and 75% would be more likely too if able to via mobile handsets (texting) or an online system.
Quote: Our results prove social media and mobile phones could be a very powerful way for political parties to interact and communicate with this generation. Obviously privacy and security issues would be a concern, along with the margin for error, but hopefully in the future it’s something that can be overcome, meaning more of the population would be enfranchised.
Coverage: PC Advisor, Yahoo, The Sun

A text without a X?
Summary: We carried out an analysis and interpretation of text messages, with 88% of women believing a text without an X from a partner meant they were angry or annoyed with them.
Quote: It can often be hard to work out the attitude or meaning of a text that is sent, such as if the sender is being sarcastic or feeling annoyed.
Coverage: Metro, Virgin, Yahoo, Orange, MSN

Apple launches the iPad
Summary: Re-active statment to Apple's launch of the iPad
Quote: It is too early to judge the success or uptake of the iPad, but Apple have again shown themselves as market leaders, leaving other manufacturers behind.
Coverage: Evening Standard, Orange, Yahoo, MSN Tech, Mirror, Express, Independent, Guardian, The Sun

Lifetime cost of texting friends equals £28,000.00
Summary: Our survey suggested a staggering figure for the cost of text messaging over a lifetime. Users monthly averages indicated around 500 text messages a month and 600 minutes talk time (8 months lifetime), average lifetime expectancy this totalled 282,000 text messages in a lifetime.
Quote: We are sure this will surprise most people who would rather be spending eight months of their lifetime doing something else.
Coverage: Mobile Choice, Daily Express, Daily Sport, Yahoo, Channel 4, MSN Money, Orange, Virgin

77% will have their Christmas break interrupted by smartphones
Summary: Our poll suggested many of us will be unable to switch off over the Christmas break due to our ties with the office via smartphone devices such as Blackberry's and iPhone.
Quote: Provided our 5 tips for a quiet Christmas
Coverage: Fonecast, Computer Weekly, Computer World, Macworld, PC Advisor, News Lite

Price comparison site calls for more robust testing by manufacturers
Summary: Reacting to mass complaints and comments on our blog about the Sony Ericsson Satio handset. Consumers experiencing severe functionality and feature issues.
Quote: The Sony Ericsson Satio has been a big talking point on our website, but for all the wrong reasons. It’s great that consumers can receive software updates after purchase, however it is unacceptable for the product not to be capable of its core functions and features at the point of purchase.
Coverage: Mobile Exec, Gizmophobe

T-Mobile employees sold customer data
Summary: A re-active statement to the news that brokers paid for consumer data from T-Mobile and sold to third parties.
Quote: Only people coming to the end of their mobile phone contracts are likely to be contacted as a result of the data leak, but if a network operator is responsible, I’m sure the consequences will be severe. Not just facing a potential fine but a huge decline in customer trust.
Coverage: Yahoo News, V3

Sending a seasonal text message instead of card
Summary: 58% of our poll said they would send a text message in preference to the traditional Christmas card.
Quote: N/A
Coverage: Telegraph

£241.44 saving made by consumer
Summary: Rightmobilephone featured, helping Claire Davies make a substantial saving on her monthly mobile phone bill.
Quote: N/A
Coverage: Womans Own Magazine

Vodafone agree deal to sell Apple iPhone
Summary: A re-active statement to the news Vodafone agree deal to sell Apple's iPhone.
Quote: Now that O2's monopoly has finally been toppled and with the iPhone now available on three different networks, we should be able to see a much more competitive market, which is only a good thing for consumers.
Coverage: Forbes, New York Times, Guardian
What your mobile handset say's about you

Summary: 65% of our users voted the iPhone a must have handset and most masculine followed by Blackberry and LG voted the most feminine.
Quote: In today's society your mobile phone can say as much about you as the way you dress. Your mobile phone is viewed as much of a statement as your car is, with people quick to make assumptions about you and your character based on what handset you pull out of your pocket.
Coverage: The Sun, OK Magazine, Playboy

Mobile phones replacing Alarm Clocks
Summary: A Rightmobilephone survey of 1448 people suggested 82% of people own a mobile phone with 52% using their handset as their alarm clock, calling time on the traditional alarm clock.
Quote: The mobile phone now plays a larger more important role in our lives, evolving from simple communication, handsets now provide us a wealth of information on the go, schedule our social occasions and, as we found for many, simply ensure we get out of bed each morning.
Coverage: Daily Mail, Telegraph, Sunday Express, Metro

Text Messaging in Welsh
Summary: Samsung & Orange release the UK's first predictive text messaging service in Welsh. We create a guide to the most popular Welsh abbreviations.
Coverage: Guardian